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We are now doing horse bedding!

Have you ever thought about changing your horse bedding to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option?

Wood pellets are a great alternative to using wood shavings or straw; they are easy to store and have some great usage points!

Our wood pellets, which are 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK, are great at absorbing! It is a significantly more absorbent and hygienic option than other horse bedding materials used in stables. During wood pellet production, they are heated to an extremely high temperature; killing off any germs or nasties and with the high absorbency factor; this is hygienic for horse’s feet, leaving you with a happy horse.

If there is ever anything we would all like more of – is time. By swapping to wood pellet bedding, it is a huge time saver and incredibly easy to manage. Simply lay the pellet bags out in a clean stable, cut open the bags and add water to activate them. They will double in size and you will be able to then spread this out in your stable to make a soft, fluffy bed for your horse. Not only do wood pellets last a long time in comparison to other bedding’s; mucking out is made super easy! As we mentioned above, it is a great absorber; the bedding will clump together making mucking out easy pellet-peasy – giving you more time to spend with your horse.

Our pellets are brilliantly British! Wood pellet supply is highly imported from Europe but what makes our company that much better is that our pellets are 100% sourced and manufactured here in the UK.  The pellets are made from 100% virgin softwood, in particular – Spruce or Pine; with all raw materials sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. This is then sent to our production plant in Chipping Campden; which is run and powered by our biomass boiler. We are proud to say that we are working toward a greener environment by producing a product in an environmentally friendly way.

We are happy to announce that we are now BETA accredited, now what’s BETA than that? Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for our new launch in August!

As our pellets are magnificently multi-functioning, you can also use them as a more environmentally friendly cat litter! Our pellets are dust free and soft to use, which will bring no discomfort to your pet. As we know it is absorbent and because of this, there are no nasty odours from the litter tray. Once used, you can recycle the litter, as it is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Plus for Summer we have fixed our prices, giving you a great deal. For orders or any further information about our services or products, please see the following link below.

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