Racing Into March

The heart of the Cotswolds has been buzzing as we kick started the month with Cheltenham race week! With some of the biggest trainers and jockeys competing head to head – they know and understand what products are best on the market for competing horses and how to give them the best rest; in order to perform to their highest ability for a gruelling, intense four days.

With some of the top trainers now turning to our British SDL premium Horse Bedding, their horses are sure to be the ones bolting to the finish line.


SDL Solutions sustainably source and produce all pellet bedding in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK. Manufactured by their onsite purpose-built pellet line and powered by biomass fuel, the premium pellet is produced in an environmentally, responsible way. That’s just one of the reasons why customers and trainers alike, find SDL’s pellet bedding so popular.


“Quality is of paramount importance to SDL and all products and services are dedicated to delivering sustainable goods.”


Pellet bedding has become extremely popular, especially with race trainers for its cost effectiveness, light colour and hygienic properties! Even compared to straw – overall a pallet of pellet proves to be in the long run cheaper; working out at mere cost of £6.00 per 15kg bag! With its hygienic relevance, horses are healthier and happier, with respiratory tests coming back 100% clear from using a bedding material with such a low dust content of 0/04%. Not only is dust free bedding aiding horses’ respiration, but it is far more absorbent compared to any other material, making mucking out easier and incredibly time efficient!


Take a look at our demo video below on how to set up your fluffy, easy to use bedding and witness how easy our bespoke silo and waste skip is to manage and maintain your stables and yard.


Get your horse jumping for joy and save some time and money, with SDL’s premium bedding.


Gallop your way to the checkout and place your order today!