About Us

SDL Solutions offers a 360° service in the production and supply of renewable energy across the UK. Established in 2007 by its founder Sam Launchbury, the company was seeded by Sam’s passion to convert arboricultural forestry deposits into a functional biomass fuel wood.

Providing a One Stop Solution for the Production and Supply of Renewable Energy around the UK.

Based out of a central location in the heart of the Cotswolds, we specialise in the conversion of sustainable forestry products including sawmill bi‐products and tree surgery arisings into a BSL, Woodsure, ENplus®A1 accredited fuel wood, including wood chip and wood pellet. All 100% sourced and manufactured here in the UK and transported by our in-house fleet of articulated walking floors.

Our company’s journey began back in 2001 when our Founder and CEO, Sam Launchbury, started out as an agricultural contractor, undertaking civil groundworks and site clearance work. In 2007 Sam employed his first member of staff and the company grew quickly, offering a complete service for agricultural civil works, including the groundworks and civil engineering for one of the first anaerobic digesters in the UK along with the construction of various farm structures both above and below ground.

Throughout this time the company continued to carry out a large array of site clearance work, including on-site contract chipping, and we began to sell the material we produced to larger biomass power stations across the UK.

About SDL SolutionsIn 2014 we ceased all civil engineering works, focusing our attention solely into the production and supply of biomass wood fuel and we saw the operation grow dramatically. Putting to good use our knowledge and experience gained from previous civil engineering projects, we have designed and built on site two purpose-built cutting-edge biomass production and drying facilities catering for all types of biomass systems.

Over the last 12 months, we have expanded further into the design and installation of biomass heat and power systems with the latest project, a large scale combined heat and power (CHP) plant to produce 100% British made premium wood pellet, one of the first of its kind in the UK.

Today we offer a 360-degree service in the production and supply of renewable energy across the UK including fully funded energy supply contracts (ESCOs) removing the financial strain of the initial high cost of installing a biomass boiler. With our experience and expertise, we will provide you with a fully maintained and serviced solution to your energy needs.


With our team of biomass experts, specialist engineers and cutting-edge machinery, SDL Solutions offers a unique service within the UK renewable energy industry. When our Founder and CEO, Sam Launchbury established the company over 10 years ago, it was his vision to become the UK’s most reliable renewable energy supplier and he was committed to providing a professional and best-in-class service to every customer. That commitment still stands today and together with our growing team of experts, Sam remains dedicated to providing the best service to our clients whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

At SDL Solutions, we’re continuously adding specialist machinery to meet the needs of a growing client base and we’re one of the few manufacturers in the UK to have made a strategic investment in a combined heat and power plant that runs purely on biomass feedstock.

We’re dedicated to delivering renewable energy to the commercial, public and private sectors and it’s our mission to help convert more and more homes and businesses away from fossil fuels.