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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website showcasing our products and services like never before. We’ve had a busy 12 months, constructing our first combined heat and power plant, installing our purpose-built wood pellet production line and launching our latest biomass product – SDL Solutions’ Premium 6mm Wood Pellets.

Our new online home is the cherry on the cake where you’ll find exciting content from the world of renewable energy and all the information you need on our latest innovations, including our new company video.

We hope you like our new site as much as we do. See you again soon!

The SDL Solutions Team.

A New UK Wood Pellet Producer Hits the Market

As experts in the biomass industry, we’ve been operating a 360° supply chain for the last ten years, manufacturing premium wood chip so it was a natural progression to expand our operation into the production of wood pellet.

Earlier this year, we commissioned our first purpose-built pellet production plant located in the heart of the Cotswolds, and we are one of the few manufacturers in the UK to have made a strategic investment in a combined heat and power plant that runs purely on biomass feed stock.

Unlike a lot of pellet suppliers in Britain that import their pellets from Europe, we are one of the few companies manufacturing pellets here in the UK with UK only sourced raw materials. We’re therefore able to guarantee a consistent and reliable supply all year round.

As experienced manufacturers of premium biomass products, it was important to us to produce only the highest grade of wood pellet and become ENplus® A1 certified. We ensure that every pellet has the maximum energy value, delivering optimum burning efficiency with the minimum ash content, all of which contribute to the lowest possible running costs for our customers.

We supply our premium wood pellet throughout the UK, delivering in bulk up to 26 tonnes with our in-house fleet of walking floors, 1 tonne bags and now in the easy to handle 15kg bags. Order online or call today 01386 840 980.