Biomass Products

Biomass fuel wood is the foundation of our business and only the highest quality, natural raw materials are used to manufacture our premium wood chip and wood pellet.

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Green Fuel

Our commitment to the production and supply of renewable energy was first born out of a passion to convert arboricultural forestry deposits into a functional biomass wood fuel. It was important to us to put these otherwise redundant materials to good use and today we’re proud to manufacture and distribute a wide range of biomass products for all types of boiler systems.

We love green fuel


Fuel Supply

Running an efficient biomass boiler system can be a complex operation if not done correctly, and it all starts with the right fuel. We’ve been manufacturing biomass fuel wood products for over 10 years so we understand the different grades and types and we can help you determine which product is best for your system.

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clean fuel

We transport all of our biomass products in our own fleet of vehicles so you can be assured that your fuel will be free from any contaminants. What’s more, the transportation is managed in-house so we ensure the goods are moved efficiently from our plant to our customers, minimising running miles and reducing our carbon footprint.