At SDL Solutions, we offer fully funded energy supply contracts or ESCOs as they’re otherwise known.

Fully Funded

Energy Supply Contracts

We can design, install and operate a biomass boiler on your site for a period of up to 20 years, replacing your fossil fuel energy supply. When the installation is complete we will operate, maintain, service and fuel it for the duration of the agreed period. We will secure the finance to install the system and will supply heat and/or power to the site. By contracting us to fund and manage your project you’re selecting a partner with the know-how and experience to run it productively throughout the lifetime of the system.

At the heart of every efficient biomass boiler, lies the right fuel supply and we’ve been in the business of manufacturing high quality, customised wood fuel for over 10 years. Put simply, your biomass boiler system could not be in better hands.

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