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Wood Chip

Not all Wood Chip is Created Equal

We’ve been manufacturing wood chip of various grades for over 10 years. Our team of experts can help you determine which fuel is best for your biomass boiler.

We understand the complexities of biomass boiler systems and that’s why we offer a range of products, from premium, moisture controlled chip through to power station grade fuel and everything in between.

All our wood chip is BSL authorised and Woodsure accredited and like our wood pellet, is eligible for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).

The chip size will conform to either the Onorm standards of G30, G50 or G100 or the equivalent BS standards of P16, P31 or P45 depending on your specific requirements. This guarantees a uniform chip free from excess fines and oversize pieces.

Unlike the uniformity in the size of the wood chip, the moisture content is customized to best suit the requirements of the boiler system. We use drying belts instead of drying floors to evaporate the moisture in our chip which gives a more consistent moisture level and eliminates any irregular, uneven pockets of moisture in the chip.

We offer a number of different delivery solutions for our wood chip, to accommodate all requirements, including; push off trailers for low access buildings, specialised blown deliveries for storage silos and supply of walking floor units to install on site (trailers, hook bins).

Whatever your preference, we have a delivery solution.

You can order our wood chip quickly and easily.

You can call us on 01386 840 980 and speak to one of our friendly team, alternatively, you can email info@sdlsolutions.co.uk or fill in an enquiry form by clicking the button below.

Why choose

SDL Solutions

360° Supply Chain

We operate the full breadth of the supply chain from sourcing virgin wood, manufacturing the wood chip at our onsite cutting-edge biomass production and drying facility, to delivering across the UK in our own vehicles. We’re therefore able to guarantee a high-quality product with consistent and reliable supply all year round.

Produced from Virgin Wood

We only use virgin wood to produce our chip. We never process recycled wood, so our chip is pure and free from any contaminants.

Experienced Biomass Specialists

Should you need advice, our team of biomass experts are on hand to evaluate your boiler system needs and will suggest the optimum fuel for your requirements.

Value for Money

We sell our chip by the tonne/pence per kW. These accurate measurements ensure value for money for all our customers.

Why choose SDL Solutions?

Fuel Efficiency

We don’t cut corners when it comes to our fuel production. Our priority is to ensure that biomass systems run well throughout the duration of their lifetime and that depends on the quality of the fuel. A consistent fuel is a better fuel for your boiler and a better fuel means a more efficient system.

Low Carbon Footprint

The transportation of our product and the raw materials that go into making it, is managed in-house by our team of transport and logistics experts. We ensure the goods move efficiently between our suppliers, our plant and our customers to minimise running miles and reduce our carbon footprint.

Clean Fuel

Because we transport all our goods in our own fleet of vehicles, handled by our experienced drivers, we can guarantee that the product will be free from any contaminants.

SDL Solutions low carbon footprint