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John Deere 1270G

Further Details

Explore the further details and specifications of our John Deere 1270G (eight wheeler with 600mm tyres) below.


• Width:  2,750 mm (600-tires)​
• Total length: 7,930 mm
• Harvester Head: H425


Ideal Use & Key Stats


  • Efficient, versatile and productive + Agile, robust and far-reaching

  • High-performance harvester heads

  • Excellent measuring accuracy

  • High tractive force

  • 8-wheeled for rocky terrain, steep slopes, and soft terrain

  • TimberMatic Maps

  • Intelligent Boom Control

  • (IBC) (optional)

  • Twin-pump hydraulic system and Processing Power Control (PPC)

Performance Summary 


The John Deere 2170G Harvester is expertly engineered for tree removal and processing. Renowned for its efficiency and precision, this harvester is equipped with cutting-edge technology that makes it an ideal choice for demanding forestry operations.


With a robust design, the 2170G effortlessly tackles the challenges of navigating dense forests, swiftly felling and processing trees with utmost accuracy. Its advanced cutting head and ergonomic controls allows operators to achieve optimal results while maintaining efficiency and safety. The machine's versatility is further highlighted by its ability to handle various tree sizes and types, showcasing its adaptability to diverse forestry environments

Komatsu 931XC For Hire, Image From Behind.
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