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Liebherr 24M, up close shot of the Tree Shear

Further Details

Safety is of the utmost importance with this machine, allowing the felling of trees and bushes, to be done from the safety of the cab.

This is fitted with the Westtech Woodcracker CS510 

Additional Details
• 360° operation to allow for good manoeuvrability and visibility

 Very capable machine
Liebherr 24m Brochure
• Westtech Woodcracker CS510 Fact Sheet

Ideal Use & Key Stats

Safe Felling of Trees

Lifting & Stacking of Logs

Forestry & Woodland Maintenance

Tidying Bush Areas

Path Clearing

• Cost for 8 hours, starting from: Day - £1,950 / Night - £2,340

Liebherr Performance Summary 


This is a great piece of equipment for the safe felling of trees or clearing overgrown bush areas. The tree shear attachment allows for the safe felling of trees while also maintaining a secure control of the tree during the operation, until safely placed down.

This is especially good for steep, overgrown or hard to reach areas having great visibility and reach. 

Liebherr with grapple for hire
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