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Albach Diamant 2000

Further Details

This features a permanent all-wheel drive system with independent hydromechanical drive on the two main axles. This means that even hill climbs or going over rough terrain can be mastered easily. The rotor, which is at the centre of the wood chipper, has been consistently developed over time. This enables the production of chopped material from 15 mm to 60 mm in size. The knife carriers are interchangeable and adjust to the different materials, to ensure the best final results. 


Motor road approval
Pneumatic differential lock
Driving and working at the same place, no (annoying) changing necessary
 Cab lift for an excellent view of the chipping material, the machine and the removal vehicles

Top speed: 43.5 miles/h

• Integrated ABS 

Ideal Use & Key Stats


• The most powerful & flexible usable wood chipper in its class, worldwide! 

• Ready to chip within 20 seconds of pressing the button

• Multiple chipping positions are easily available

• Height adjustable driver's cabin, enabling a perfect and panoramic view

• Chipper intake width (with intake roller): 48.2" 

• Chipper intake height: 38.5"

• Produces chopped material from 15mm to 60mm

• Cost: Day - £3,160 / Night - £3,792

• Recumbency per man: £150

All costs are based on 8 hours on site, fully operated. This cost includes the machine, the operator, all fuel and insurance. 

Albach Performance Summary 


The Albach Diamant 2000 is considered one of the most powerful, self-propelled wood chippers in its class, worldwide! The performance of this machine sets it apart from other wood chippers, known for its best chopping quality, off-road capability and durability. The machine is ready to chip or to drive within 20 seconds of pushing the button due to its advanced software.


This has been designed for great panoramic visibility and comfort while using it. Having an air conditioned, air-sprung cabin minimises shocks, vibrations and convulsions to create a more comfortable user experience. Furthermore the cabin even includes a microwave and refrigerator - so you don't have to leave the cab to enjoy your lunch break!

Albach Diamant 2000 Chipper
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