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Our wood pellets are meticulously crafted in the UK, embodying our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Compressed from local sawmill by-products they offer an eco-friendly and low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

As a renewable energy source, our wood pellets exemplify the perfect balance of environmental consciousness, exceptional quality, and price stability, as we are responsible for the whole process from harvesting through to delivery.

We take immense pride in supplying wood pellets that carry the prestigious EN-Plus A1 certification and BSL sustainability authorisation, assuring their superior quality and eco-conscious origins. At SDL Pellets, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled range of locally produced, bagged and blown wood pellets throughout the UK.

Our unwavering focus on sustainability, coupled with our unmatched service, swift delivery, and focus on quality, has established us as the trusted choice for the leading UK-made wood pellet experts.

SDL Pellets manufactures UK Made En-Plus A1 Wood Pellets at our production plant in Gloucestershire.


SDL Pellets cater for large commercial orders of up to 26T of wood pellets at a time. With a host of commercial clients including large hotel chains, care homes and poultry farms we can create a bespoke supply and delivery plan for companies of all sizes throughout the UK in both Bulk and Blown forms.

English Country House

SDL Pellets have a variety of options available to domestic customers, including blown and bagged deliveries. With a fleet of blower lorries ranging in size we can deliver to domestic properties throughout the country. Alternatively our online pallet shop provides a wood pellet delivery service for deliveries as small as 0.5T.

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For further information about our wood pellets, how we make them, and our online shop, please click the link below.

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