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John Deere Forwarder collecting trees_

Further Details

Both of these forwarders offer exceptional performance, technology and agility, especially for the size machine they are. 

They have a powerful and user friendly information system, providing useful status and production reports, helping save time and improve organisation. 

The full data sheet for the John Deere 1510G Forwarder can be

found here.

The full data sheet for the Komatsu 840 TX Forwarder can be downloaded here.

Ideal Use & Key Stats


• John Deere Forwarder 1510g and Komatsu 840TX available for hire

• Precise and efficient boom control

• Strong and powerful engines

• High torque

• Simple to use controls

• High ground clearance

• Fuel efficient engine

• Cost starting from: Day - £975 / Night - £1,170

• Recumbency per man: £150

All costs are based on 8 hours on site, fully operated. This cost includes the machine, the operator, all fuel and insurance. 

Performance Summary 


We have selected the John Deere and Komatsu forwarders for their excellent performance and efficiency. These both feature top spec technology and control enabling good control and organising of timber in the load areas. 

Powerful engines allow you to control movements with ease, from the safety and comfort of the cab. They have a great turning circle and visibility from the cab, allowing for good manoeuvrability and ease of use, especially in tight spots. 

Komatsu Forwarder For Hire
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