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The diversification of SDL is an ever-growing project.

See our evolution below...

SDL Solutions distinguishes itself within the UK renewable energy industry through a comprehensive service facilitated by a team of biomass engineers, specialised industry experts, and state-of-the-art machinery. Since its establishment over a decade ago by our Founder and CEO, Sam Launchbury, the company has strived to become the nation's most dependable supplier of renewable biomass energy, unwavering in its commitment to deliver a professional and industry leading experience to every client across all sectors of the business.


This steadfast dedication remains the driving force behind our operations, bolstered by our ever expanding team who share Sam's vision and uphold the highest standards of workmanship.

As we continue to evolve, SDL Solutions consistently invests in specialized machinery to meet the evolving needs of our growing client base. We take pride in being among the select manufacturers in the UK to have strategically invested in a combined heat and power plant that operates exclusively on biomass feedstock.

Our paramount objective is to provide renewable energy solutions to the commercial, public, and private sectors, actively working to transition an increasing number of households and businesses away from fossil fuels. At SDL Solutions, we embrace this mission wholeheartedly, striving to contribute to a greener future by facilitating the adoption of sustainable energy sources.

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The foundation of modern day SDL was built on our founders vision, using his motivation the SDL team began to grow and diversify into the biomass industry.



Our current experience and ability to provide a 360 service surrounding the biomass supply chain is a huge achievement towards SDL's goals.



SDL's growth in all of the businesses sectors has no intention of slowing. With our recent sawmill investment our future lies within the cohesive activity within our company to strive for exceptional opeations.


The Beginning of a Vision

  • Our founder, Sam Launchbury, started out as an agricultural contractor, undertaking civil groundworks and site clearance work.


Company Begins To Grow

  • Sam employed his first member of staff and the company grew quickly, offering a complete service for agricultural civil works

  • Provided the groundworks and civil engineering for one of the first anaerobic digesters in the UK along with the construction of various farm structures both above and below ground.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” 


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