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Komatsu 931XC Harvester

Further Details

Explore the further details and specifications of our Komatsu 931XC (eight wheeler with 600mm tyres) below.


• Width: 2,776 mm
• Total length: 8,015 mm
• Ground clearance: 705 mm
 Curb weight: 21,900 kg

• Tractive force: 200 kN

• Steering angle: +/- 40°

• ISO Standard compliant

Ideal Use & Key Stats


• Exceptional wheeled timber harvester

• Fantastic stability, low ground pressure and minimal ground damage with 8 wheels

• High operator comfort

• Power: 190 kW DIN at 1,850 rpm

• Tractive force: 200 kN

• Area of operation: 360° 

Komatsu Performance Summary 


The Komatsu 931XC is an incredible piece of forestry harvesting equipment known for its stability, comfort and manoeuvrability. Having a total of 8 wheels ensures there is low ground pressure with minimal damage to the ground. This also helps offer increased stability, safety and performance, especially in steep terrain.  

Operator safety and comfort is a priority, with twin suspension systems, comfort boogie, a balanced cab and a 360° area of operation enable safe and comfortable conditions.

Komatsu 931XC For Hire, Image From Behind.
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