In the design and build of our own CHP plant, we selected some of the best professionals in the business to help us with the project.

One Stop Shop for your

Renewable Energy Supply

We have first hand experience in installing, operating and fueling a large-scale biomass boiler system and together with our partners, we can offer a comprehensive and unique service in the provision, operation and maintenance of your renewable energy supply.

One stop shop for your renewable energy supply


Stela is a leading, German based manufacturer of drying equipment in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Since the company was founded over 95 years ago, they have successfully installed and commissioned more than 4,000 drying plants in over 60 countries.

Their specialist drying facilities are engineered to dry out a wide variety of materials including: agricultural products, biomass products and sewage sediment.

In partnership with Stela, we can provide you with the optimum drying system to best suit your requirements.

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IONITEC is a customer focused, family run business, founded in Salzburg, Austria in 2003 and specialises in customised solutions in de-dusting technology. With a track record of over 320 installations across Europe, the UK and Scandinavia, they are a leader in electrostatic precipitators or ESPs. IONITEC’s high quality electric filters are used for de-dusting the exhaust gases of a biomass combustion plant and are designed and engineered out of their cutting-edge production facility in Austria.

Working with our partners at IONITEC, we can provide a customised dust removal solution to your biomass system.

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