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Westtech Head Summary 

This is a wood cutting head that was specially developed for felling purposes, designed to ensure maximum safety. The machine is rigidly mounted to the Magni vehicle to let you remove the tree from the upright position and safely process lying trees.

The machine is equipped with a powerful gripper which ensures safe handling of the tree from multiple angles. A saw unit with a chainsaw mounted in the lower part of the machine is used as a cutting instrument. The saw unit is suspended on a pendulum so that the saw can move out of the way in case of external impact and is not damaged.


  • Particularly developed for tree fellings due to safety reasons.

  • Designed to be attached to telescopic handlers.

  • Low net weight.

  • Robust and proven technology

  • Made of high-strength Hardox ® steel. 

Ideal Use & Key Stats


• Safely removing trees in short sections
• Harvesting trunk material
• Processing previously felled trees lying on the ground

• Maximum height: 35.6m (load dependent)

• Gripper opening: 1280mm

• Max cutting diameter: 750mm

• Magni is the only base machine certified to operate with the Westtech head

• Remote control option

• Cost starting from: Day - £1,950 / Night - £2,340

• Recumbency per man: £150

All costs are based on 8 hours on site, fully operated. This cost includes the machine, the operator, all fuel and insurance. 

Magni Performance Summary 


The Magni is a tough, high-performance rotating telescopic handler. It can lift loads up to a height of 30m, and is equipped with scissor stabilizers to ensure greater safety and stability during working manoeuvres.


The scissor stabilisers are ideal even with limited space available; even when it is only partially stabilised, the machine is programmed to provide the best possible load chart on each side. When the stabilisers are fully extended, on the other hand, they guarantee maximum machine performance over 360° as they are able to work over a very wide stabilisation base.

Magni with Westtech head cutting down a tree.
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