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Aerobic Digester Installation

Updated: Feb 13

Aerobic Digester Installation - 2009-10

Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, there is a private estate that has long been a beacon of sustainability. And in 2010, they became true pioneers by embarking on a ground breaking project – installing one of the UK's first-ever aerobic digesters. This wasn't just any digester; it was a bold statement of their commitment to renewable energy and environmental responsibility which aligned with our values.

SDL Solutions is a leading expert in renewable energy solutions, proud to be a part of this historic journey. We were entrusted with the crucial civil engineering management and installation of the digester system and electrical substation, from conception to completion. Working alongside an industry-leading European supplier to fulfil this project.

Aerobic Digester Feedstock Storage

The project presented a unique challenge: navigating uncharted territory in the UK aerobic digestion landscape. For 18 months, our team worked tirelessly alongside the private estate, meticulously planning, sourcing equipment, and constructing the state-of-the-art facility.

Initially, the digester was designed to be fuelled by agricultural feedstock. But their vision extended even further. Recognising the potential of food waste as a sustainable energy source, they later approached us to convert the digester. We readily responded, constructing a dedicated food waste reception hall to integrate seamlessly with the existing system.

Aerobic Digester Being Constructed.

No pioneering project is complete without ensuring smooth integration with the wider infrastructure. SDL Solutions also managed the civil engineering works for the transformer and electrical substation. This included connecting the digester to the national grid, guaranteeing efficient and reliable electricity generation.

Finally, in mid-2010, the aerobic digester came online. This wasn't just a technical marvel; it was a testament to the combined vision and expertise of SDL Solutions, the European supplier and the private estate. Together, we had not only delivered a pioneering renewable energy solution but also set a precedent for sustainable waste management in the UK.

This project remains a cornerstone of SDL Solutions' portfolio. It embodies our unwavering commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and exceeding client expectations. And to potential SDL Solutions customers, it serves as a powerful illustration of our capabilities in bringing even the most ambitious renewable energy projects to life.

Aerobic Digester Install

Are you looking for a partner to guide your journey into sustainable energy? SDL Solutions is here. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you become a green energy pioneer.

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