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Glendale: Site Clearance Highway Work

Updated: Jun 25

For the past three years, we have been proud partners in Glendale Countryside Ltd's ongoing highway work project.

Growing Partnership

Our collaboration started with one dedicated team working overnight along the A30 and A38. Equipped with a Liebherr LH24M, Westech Tree shear, Albach Chipper, and walking floor lorry, they efficiently tackled road closures during two successful seasons. Due to the effectiveness of our operations, Glendale entrusted us with a second, identically equipped team to manage additional closures along these vital routes which continued for a 3 year duration finishing on the completion of the project.

2x Albach Wood Chippers in Chapter 8 safety branding, ready for site clearance highway work.

Challenges Logistical Expertise

One of the main challenges with site clearance work, is that not all machinery can be driven on site, or between locations. Recognising the unique challenges of highway work, we have gone above and beyond to ensure seamless operations. Our comprehensive logistical support includes HGV transport with low loaders to strategically move machinery to various sites at precise times, on a daily basis. Additionally, we have secured off-site storage in key areas to safeguard equipment when not in use.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in highway work and keeping our team safe is a priority for us at SDL. We have diligently ensured that all machinery and vehicles on-site are equipped with chapter 8 chevrons and beacons. Our operators and drivers undergo rigorous H&S training certification to meet the highest safety standards. We proudly hold ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications as well as being FORS Accredited and being a Constructionline Silver member. We train our team to the highest standards which in turn allows our standard of work to be industry leading. 

Rapid Response Maintenance

To minimise downtime and maintain productivity, we have established partnerships with qualified mechanics in the region. Their rapid response capabilities ensure that any mechanical issues arising during shifts are swiftly addressed on-site, allowing work to continue uninterrupted. This avoided any delays or additional costs to the project, keeping it moving forward as anticipated.

Reliability and Results

Over the three-year span of our partnership, we have consistently delivered results. We take pride in our track record of never missing a shift due to staffing or mechanical challenges. Our unwavering commitment to efficiency and safety has made us a trusted partner in Glendale's highway work.

If you have a project you would like to work with us on, or if you are looking for any specialist machinery to hire, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Our Liebherr 24m and tree shear working on site clearance work.

SDL Pellets and SDL Sawmills are also part of the SDL Solutions Group for any biomass wood pellet or garden landscaping products needs you may have.

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